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Leaving Burnley aged 16, I spent 24 years in the British Army spending many months on Operations and deployments in Germany, UK, Canada, Belize and the severe -32c of Arctic Norway.  During my career I saw some memorable sights but regret not always having a camera available to record many of my adventures.

I then lived near the Wash for 22 years, an area abundant with birds and wildlife.

I dabbled a bit using the tech of the time but it was after being given a DSLR and Zoom Lens my interest moved up a notch, I thought I was a photographer but knew very little about the subject!

I moved back to the area in 2016 and joining the Club in September 2021 I have learnt so much from other members only too willing to help.   Photographing Landscapes, Buildings, Street Scenes, Wildlife, and Macro to name a few and just as important, lighting techniques and post processing.

I hope to be able to contribute at some point with my own skills as they develop!

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